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The Easy1up Rotator, and Other Features, Capture the Interest of a Customer and Make Referral Marketing a Story Worth Hearing

What is the heart of referral marketing? Referral marketing requires the legitimate desire to refer something. Now, there are marketers using a whole host of clever tricks and mechanics to “cheat the system,” even though it is never actually cheating. There are no real rules for this kind of thing. But, at the heart of a referral is a desire to share and refer. It is a keen interest in a product or service in whatever form it may take.

Aspiring referral marketers can easily get caught up in building a snowball that will grow on its own momentum. It is the idea that once something starts collecting, it will continue on and on. This is true to some extent. There are marketers who have built such a sizable following that they can sit back on the beach and allow the momentum to roll itself to the bank. This idea doesn’t apply to everyone. It rarely applies to anyone, really. Referral marketing requires an inherent interest in the product, and that only comes from weaving a story and a brand that people can relate to and enjoy.

Most of the best campaigns out there now rely on a wonderful narrative to keep the customers intrigued. It helps make it all relatable. This may sound nice and easy for a big company with an obvious story to tell, but how can it apply to a referral marketing beginner? The answer is in making an intriguing story. Marketers can make the story about themselves. They can have a blog that shares their adventures in marketing or in their side job. They can weave a story into the product. Where did it all start?

Team Mansell, famous for the Easy 1up Rotator, uses a narrative-driven approach to marketing. The program has a story to tell and it is one worth sharing. Customers will not care if it is just a product. What is the relation? Why should they care and share? Marketers try all the mathematical tricks and SEO maneuvers to get ahead, but they forget to have a foundation strong enough to be interesting in the first place.